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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

September 2010 Minutes

Silvershores Homeowners

Board Meeting September, 2010

Attendance: John Kane-Ronning, Ken Cords, Alice Cords, John Martinez, Pat Baker, Nancy Mendelson

Treasurers Report

· Silvershores treasurer reports that 100% of the assessments for construction of the new dock have been paid in full. Congratulations to our neighborhood!

· 33 of the 34 homes in the neighborhood have paid annual dues. As a reminder all dues, present and past must be paid in full before using community common areas. These dues pay for very basic upkeep and maintenance of our common areas.

Dock Report

The new dock is in and has passed final inspection by the city. This has been a major accomplishment for our neighborhood. Below are just a few of the final details that have been completed recently.

· Solar lights have been installed on the decking

· A new concrete pad for gangway entrance and support has been poured and gangway attached

· New sod has been laid at the dock entrance.

· New post caps have been installed

· New benches have been ordered for the end of the dock

· No wake buoys have been re-anchored off shore

· New Moorage buoy anchors have been prepared for next spring

Thank you as a neighborhood, for all of your support in the completion of this much needed improvement. An additional thank you is extended to all who were able to contribute time and energy toward the completion of the dock. It was truly a community project that we can all enjoy for years to come.

Dry Dock (small boat storage)

Many small boats remain on our dry dock racks without storage payment. If you have a small boat stored at the beach you are required to pay the storage fee in a timely manner. We have only received payment for 13 of the 22 vessels stored on the racks this year. Beginning next spring all boats on the racks will be tagged for identification. Unclaimed boats will be stored on the lawn by the entrance gate for 30 days. If the vessel remains unclaimed or fees remain unpaid the vessel will be advertised and sold with proceeds going into our community general fund.

Beach Closure

The bathrooms at the beach will be closed and the water turned off at the end of September. Garbage and recycling services will also be stopped for the season. If you use the beach please be prepared to remove you own trash and recycling.

Miscellaneous items

Geese: Our goose fencing disappeared for a few days earlier this fall and the geese returned enmasse. Please replace the fencing if you remove it during the day. We are also purchasing a special motion activated sprinkler called a scarecrow that is designed as a goose deterrent. As always, vigilance on the part of everyone is by far the best deterrence.

The board would like to extend a special thank you to Ann Stevenson and Michael Berres for re-staining our pagoda building; it looks great and is ready for another winter. We would also like to thank our newest neighbor, Mary Abshire for donating the silt fencing materials we needed to complete the concrete work for our docks gangway. We would like to thank the Cords for taking the lead in the organization, management and construction of our new dock. Lastly, the community board should be recognized for having the courage and patience to undertake this multi-year task.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 5, 2010~Treasurer's Report

For the period ended July 5 , 2010

2010 YTD
Budget Actual A/R
2010 Dues: 34 lots at $73.95 $2,514.30 $2,292.45
2010 Extra Dues: 550.00 320.80
2009 Dues~Fox: 71.77 71.77 -
Dock Replacement Assessment 4,174.78 4,200.00
Interest Income 10.00 5.48
Wet Dock: Shallow Moorage 3@ $40 120.00
Wet Dock: jet ski 1@$60 60.00
Dry Dock: 15 Boats @ $25 375.00 325.00
Wet Dock Prepayments: 1,125.00
Wet Dock: 7 Boats @$125 875.00 1,250.00
4,576.07 9,565.28
Lawn Mowing 1,500.00 200.00
Wet Dock Fund 1,055.00
Insurance 674.00 654.00
Water 300.00
Garbage 300.00 36.92
Miscellaneous 175.00 294.56
Bathroom Supplies 150.00 42.56
Dock Replacement Expenses 44,016.88
Dry Dock Fund 300.00
Postage/Supplies 50.00
4,504.00 45,244.92

Revenue In Excess of Expenses $72.07 $(35,679.64)



General Fund $5,992.83
Wet Dock Fund 13,267.87
Dock Replacement Fund (18,420.04)
Dry Dock Fund 1,547.90

Minutes~July 5, 2010

Silver Shores Homewoners Association

Board Meeting Minutes


Treasurer’s report

v Current general fund balance is $1,990.00

$1,125.00 of the general fund balance is prepaid dock funds

The new dock is fully paid for excluding approximately $250.00 for pile caps

One homeowner owes $1600 in dock assessment which add to our general fund when collected.

v General fund dues were reviewed.

We continue to have some unpaid annual dues.

These dues pay for basic maintenance and care of our common areas. If you have outstanding dues please remit payment as soon as possible.

v Dry dock fees were also reviewed.

If you have a small boat, paddle boat, canoe or kayak stored at the beach please remit payment as soon as possible.

Dry dock moorage fee is $25.00 per boat.

You can submit payment for dry dock storage to John Martinez, Pat Baker or Ken Cords.

v The board approved payment to Alice Cords (treasurer) for ongoing supplies and

copying costs as needed.


v Moorage buoys will be reset now that the new dock is complete. We will have 3

moorage buoys in addition to the 10 slips available on the dock. A $75.00 fee will be charged for moorage on a buoy.

v Dock slip selection was reviewed and a protocol was established.

1. Moorage fees must be paid in full by June 1st to participate in the dock slip lottery for that year.

2. Homeowners requesting moorage after June 1st will be allocated dock space or buoy assignment on a 1st come/1st serve basis.

3. Individuals who prepaid dock moorage fees to offset the cost of the dock will be granted dock moorage and will participate in the slip lottery until their prepayment funds expire.

v At the city’s request two no wake buoys will be set 300 feet offshore in front of

our beach to discourage high speed boat traffic. Jim Merfeld volunteered to fit and anchor the No Wake buoys.

v Adam Foy volunteered to flatten the metal anchor bolts protruding from the old

concrete pillars that remain from the old dock.

v We have 2 sections of metal piling left over from the dock construction that will

be sold.

v The gangway for the new dock has a very nice railing for everyone’s safety.

Climbing on these rails is prohibited, please remind members of your household and guests to not climb on the railings. The water below is shallow and the rails will be slippery when wet. If you see others climbing kindly remind them of this new dock rule.

v Our new dock is a floating structure. It is very dangerous

to swim underneath the new dock. The water is shallow and the dock moves with the wave action. There is absolutely no swimming underneath the dock. Again, please remind members of your household and guests of the dangers regarding swimming under the dock.

v New signage indicating no trespassing, no diving etc… will be posted on the dock in the near future.

Beach Management

v In an effort to promote harmony between dogs and people, please be respectful of

everyone’s rights to enjoy the beach. Dogs love to run and swim, but people don’t

like to be jumped on.

Dog owners are responsible for their own dogs. Be courteous by controlling your dog and be attentive to how your dog interacts with children, adults or other dogs.

1. Dogs may not be left unattended.

2. Scoop rules are in effect at all times and the responsibility of the dog owner.

Lastly, just a reminder that parents are responsible for the supervision and liability of their children and guests at the beach and in other common areas.

v Contact information for beach managers

Michelle Foy 715-1333 or

Amy Kittinger 752-1709 or

Visit our blog at

to see the beach calendar and other great photos of our community.

Next board meeting is scheduled for August 2nd 7:00 PM at the beach.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

May 31, 2010 Treasurer's Report

For the period ended May 31 , 2010

2010 YTD
Budget Actual A/R
2010 Dues: 34 lots at $73.95 $2,514.30 $813.45
2010 Extra Dues: 550.00 85.25
2009 Dues~Fox: 71.77 -
Dock Replacement Assessment 3,200.00 5,174.78
Interest Income 10.00 5.10
Wet Dock: Shallow Moorage 3@ $40 120.00
Wet Dock: jet ski 1@$60 60.00
Dry Dock: 15 Boats @ $25 375.00 50.00
Wet Dock Prepayments: 750.00
Wet Dock: 7 Boats @$125 875.00 375.00
4,576.07 5,278.80
Lawn Mowing 1,500.00 200.00
Wet Dock Fund 1,055.00
Insurance 674.00 654.00
Water 300.00
Garbage 300.00
Miscellaneous 175.00 219.56
Bathroom Supplies 150.00 42.56
Dock Replacement Expenses 32,569.07
Dry Dock Fund 300.00
Postage/Supplies 50.00
4,504.00 33,685.19

Revenue In Excess of Expenses $72.07 $(28,406.39)



General Fund $4,318.05
Wet Dock Fund 12,017.87
Dock Replacement Fund (7,947.01)
Dry Dock Fund 1,272.90

Friday, June 25, 2010


Minutes ~ June 1, 2010

Silver Shores
Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes 6/1/2010

Present: Alice Cords, Pat Baker, Helen Dorn, Judy Dodd, Jim Merfeld, John Martinez, Nancy Mendelsohn John Kane-Ronning, Rich Kittinger

Treasurer's Report: 2010 dues increased by 3%, per bylaws, to $73.95. Homeowners wishing to pay $100 to offset beach costs are encouraged to do so. Submit payments to Alice Cords, 3000 Silvern Lane, 671-2914

Swing at beach: Mia Martinez was accidentally stuck in the child swing at the beach. The Bellingham Fire Department came and cut her out of the swing. The swing has been repaired.

Dock Fees:

Dry dock fees are $25.00 per boat. This includes all small boats stored on the racks or in the vicinity of the racks.

Wet dock fees are $125.00 per slip. Proof of insurance is also required to moor on the new dock. Please contact Dock Managers Ken Cords or John Martinez with questions regarding moorage or dry dock storage.

Beach Maintenance :

The sand area on the beach was rototilled by Rich Kittenger and Adam Foy, Total cost for equipment rental was $108.50. Rich and Adam requested reimbursement of $50.00, the board approved $75.00.

Nancy Mendelsohn purchased 10 new chairs for the beach, total cost $160.00. In addition to the chairs, dump fees and miscellaneous materials for the beach clean up were also paid for. Total cost for chairs, dump fees and miscellaneous materials was $220.38.

Thanks to an advertisement on Craigslist all of the wood from the old dock was removed at no cost to the neighborhood. What a great deal!

New Dock:

Our new dock is now in and has been christened! It looks great, be sure and thank Ken Cords for his tireless efforts and creative problem solving. The company that built the dock was unable to service clients due to economic conditions. Ken was extremely creative and was able to complete the installation process without the aide of the dock builder. Again remember to thank Ken. To view photos of the dock installation go to our community website:

Beach Reservations:

Finally, If you would like to reserve the beach or need to report problems/concerns regarding the beach contact Amy Kittinger or Michelle Foy, our beach managers. Homeowner dues must be paid prior to making a beach reservation. The beach calendar is posted online at the following website:

If you can’t remember the beach access code please contact the beach managers:
Beach Manager contact information:(Amy 752-1709 or, Michelle 715-1333

Our next meeting is scheduled for July 5th, 7:00 PM at the Beach.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Champagne and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Friday evening, June 18, 6:30pm, on the NEW DOCK!

No-Host Party

Bring a potluck dish, BYOB, bring family & friends, bring a toast to Ken Cords and crew for their amazing volunteer contributions to our community!

~No fireworks allowed~


June 14 and 15, 2010

See the progress of the new dock installation!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Minutes for April 26, 2010


Present: Helen Dorn, Jim Merfeld, Nancy Mendelsohn, John/Susan Kane-Ronning, Alice/Ken Cords, Judy Dodd, Pat Baker, Tara Moncrieff

Secretary Report: Please see attached updated directory and beach rules
All minutes will now be distributed via e-mail. If your e-mail changes, please let Susan Kane-Ronning know at or

Treasurer's Report: 2010 dues increased by 3%, per bylaws, to $73.95. Homeowners wishing to pay $100 to offset beach costs are encouraged to do so. Submit payments to Alice Cords, 3000 Silvern Lane, 671-2914.

Annual dues and dock fees need to be paid as soon as possible. Boats will be placed on the new dock based on payment of dues. Boat owners will need to provide proof of insurance. Due to insurance rules, no one can tie to a bouy or the dock without approval. Please contact the dock managers if you have questions, Pat Baker or John Martinez.

Dock Replacement: The dock will be installed June 14/15th. Most homeowners have paid their dock fees, and your timeliness has been appreciated. The dock would not be possible without your support! There will be a $3,000 shortage for the dock. Boat owners may pay their dock fees ahead for one or more years to offset costs. Those who pay for subsequent years will have their dock fees frozen.

Due to the Silver Beach land clearing ordinance, NO DRIVING ON THE BEACH UNTIL JUNE 1ST. FINES FOR VIOLATIONS ARE $30,000!!!

Beach Clean-up: Thanks to all the helpful neighbors who showed up on May 1st! The beach looks great! Broken items were taken to the dump. The rototilled sandbox looks amazing and has already attracted several kids. The wood was advertised on Craigslist and is now gone! We have several new chairs!Do Not leave your personal belongings at the beach, items not claimed will be disposed of.
Several neighbors who were unable to help at the clean-up have asked about ways to help at the beach. There is a pile of brush in front of the campfire that still needs to be picked up, and the tables/benches need to be painted.

Beach Reservations: Send reservation requests to Susan Kane-Ronning at, or, or 676-7436. Include date, number in party and reservation times, and any special information as highlighted in the beach rules.

Silver Shores Calendar and Silver Shores blogspot: Special thanks to Glenn Gervais for helping to create the beach calendar. You can view the calendar and blog by going to
Check out pictures of the beach clean-up and barbecue!

Next Meeting: 7 PM, June 1st. Merfeld/Anderson's.


Silver Shores Home Owner’s Association
Beach Rules – 2010 Season
• A homeowner must accompany guests at the beach.
• The beach combination is confidential. Do not give the combination to non-members.
• Members are asked to help the beach manager(s) and board by politely asking unknown people if they are with a homeowner. (Please don’t feel offended if you are the one being asked.)

(Background: The beach has been vandalized, used for campfires late at night & sometimes strewn with broken bottles & trash in the morning. Beach fires allowed until 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends.
• To use the beach after these hours, contact the beach manager(s) before 10pm (voice message is sufficient).

• Groups of ten or more must contact the beach manager(s) to schedule an event.
Reservations for more than 45 people, or specific issues, such as driving a vehicle onto the beach, entertainment, etc. must be approved by the beach manager/board.
• Do not make a reservation for beach use unless dues are paid.
• During the event, leave space for other members to use the beach, dock and picnic area. Specifically, the reserved area includes the gazebo and first 2 picnic tables.
• Leave no trace of use after the event. Specifically, follow these cleaning guidelines:
o Clean the bathroom – toilet, sink, floor, and empty garbage
o Empty all garbage cans used and put in new liners (located on the bench)
o Deposit the garbage in your personal trash cans, not in the community trash cans.
o Separate any recyclables in the garbage and place in the recycling bins – do not mix.
o Pick up / clean up all of your belongings.
o Pick up any debris including cigarette butts.
o Replace goose fences
• Leave the beach as you would like to find it.

• The goal of the association is to maintain a family friendly atmosphere at the beach. Gatherings with excessive drinking and loud behavior belong elsewhere.
• Broken glass is a particular hazard at the beach. Please be aware of every bottle and make sure it gets to its proper disposal place.
• Dog owners are responsible to make sure their dog is not a nuisance to other beach users. If dogs bother other beach users, please leash them. Please pick up dog poop and place it in the trashcan away from the picnic area (bags available there also). Do not pitch into the city area – no fecal matter in lake.
• Boats should approach the dock area very slowly when swimmers are in the water.

(Background: Renters have been heavy users of the beach area and sometimes have not been made aware of the beach rules. This section of the beach rules is to assure that the beach rules are known and to clarify the chain of responsibility concerning landlords and renters.)
• The landlord / homeowner is responsible for the behavior of the renters.
• All communication between the SSHOA and the renters will be through the landlord. The only exception will be simple coordination where there is no dispute.
• If the landlord is not available to coordinate communication between SSHOA and the renters during a dispute, the renters will lose access to the beach until the landlord becomes involved and the dispute can be resolved.
• Beach access is denied to a household of more than three unrelated adults, in violation of the city ordinance prohibiting such households.
• Renters are encouraged to come to the annual beach cleanup party to help and get to know members.

Access the beach calendar and availability at:

To schedule the beach, contact Susan Kane-Ronning at,
Or 676-7436